The title should be “Why people with ADD can be more creative.”

Chris Rene - Young Homie (by ChrisReneVEVO)

Dan Rather reports on Tuesday night - how we evaluate the test evaluators - think SAT’s -

sounds interesting —-

Coming up on Tuesday night, Dan Rather investigates “how the grading and evaluation of national testing works - or in some cases, doesn’t.”  Think SAT’s —

What about a reluctant reader?

Video of Rick Riordan & James Patterson. Great tips. #parents #reading #literacy

Not exactly your regular working mom, but she seems pretty okay.  Wait until her kids get older - - -

For parents who want to empower their kids about their own learning … and for kids who want to be empowered.

We just launched!  Where the family can create a new “visual conversation” about the school experience.  We learned from major studies (ie. The Harvard Family Report on Parental Involvement and OECD’s PISA) that a critical factor in student motivation, learning and achievement are regular, meaningful family conversations about the school day.  

Education is really changing.  Kids need to become more self-directed, aware of how they may learn best and what motivates them.  Parents need to create the conditions that can make that happen.  Parent POW is a spark -  a tool with an entirely new way to approach family conversations - that takes all of a few clicks, which works for crazy schedules.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words —  showing us things we would have missed or not understood.  This thinking brought us to develop “Personal Visual Mapping” - customized, instantaneous info-graphics of your child’s learning experience.

Check us out.  We look forward to your comments and suggestions.